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Dell V313 Printer Driver For Mac

Update2: Added Dell v313 official download page link. Added Dell 313 Windows 8.1 and windows 10 drivers to the download list. You have to install these drivers in compatibility mode in windows 8 and 10. Go to the above download section to download the Dell 313 Windows 10 driver.

Dell V313 Printer Driver For Mac

Answer: Dell v313 printer uses a black ink cartridge model number: Srs22 (Series:22 - PIN: XT37N), part no: 592-11431 and a colour ink cartridge model number Srs22 (Series: 22 - PIN: XT38N), part no: 592-11432. Click on given links to get more detail about the dell v313 cartridges.

If the above method doesn't work for you, then you will have to use its basic drivers, it will work with windows 10 for sure. But you have to install it manually using "Add a printer" option. Unzip the below given basic driver files to any location and then give the same path (location) using "have disk" button.

Windows 10 drivers are not available on Dell official website, either the drivers are inbuilt in the operating system or the printer does not support these operating systems: Windows 10. Actually, Dell has not verified the windows 10 for this printer will work or not, so please wait for their reply. We have usually seen that the windows 8 or 8.1 drivers are working on windows 10 operating system, so we suggest you to please uninstall the current drivers and then re-install the of windows 8 or windows 8.1. Please let us know.

Even though Dell's core business is Windows based computers, there are printers available through Dell that also support Mac OS X. If your office has recently purchased a Dell printer, it's likely there's a driver available from Dell to enable you to make full use of the printer using a Mac. The quickest way to install this is to use the CD-ROM that came with the printer; however, if that's unavailable, you can download the drivers from the Dell printer support website.

Installing a Mac OS X driver for your printer is the most effective way to ensure your computer can use the printer. You can find the Mac OS X drivers for download from Dell's support site (link in Resources); just click "Start Here" under "Support for Small and Medium Business." Then enter the service tag, or click the "Printers and Imaging Solutions" category, then "Printer," and click your printer. All that's needed is to download the driver and to install it. The printer driver installation guide contains detailed instructions (link in Resources).

Mac OS X is able to use some printers in a basic mode even without the manufacturer's drivers installed. While this isn't true for every printer, it's worth a try on your Mac if you can't find a Mac OS X driver from Dell for your printer. You won't be able to use any advanced features of the printer, but if all you need to do is print a document, then this solution may be all you need.

There are many possible drivers for Canon printers. Many Canon printers are supported by Gutenprint and foomatic-db-ppds. Some of Canon's LBP, iR, and MF printers use a driver supporting the UFR II/UFR II LT/LIPSLX protocols, #UFRII . Others use the #CARPS, or #cnijfilter (cnijfilter2AUR / cnijfilter2-binAUR), or Canon CAPT drivers.

Some of Canon's printers use Canon's proprietary CARPS (Canon Advanced Raster Printing System) driver.Rainbow Software have managed to reverse engineer the CARPS data format and have successfully created a CARPS CUPS driver, which is available as carps-cups-gitAUR.The project's GitHub page includes a list of working printers.

hplip provides drivers for HP DeskJet, OfficeJet, Photosmart, Business Inkjet, and some LaserJet printers, and also provides an easy to use setup tool. See -linux-imaging-and-printing/supported_devices/index for the list of supported printers. hplip requires python-pyqt5 to run the GUI qt frontend. hp-setup requires CUPS to be installed and cups.service to be started to save the printer.

A major site for information about Samsung printers/scanners is Samsung Unified Linux Driver Repository. Despite its name, it is not affiliated by Samsung. Neither it is devoted only to samsung-unified-driverAUR. samsung-unified-driver, on the other hand, is close source by Samsung. It also encompass Windows and Mac. It might be the first stop to get a driver for a Samsung printer and scanner as it, or was, claim to support practically every one of these. Note that samsung-unified-driver includes software that can stand on its own, not tied to cups. If you can not get the printer to work with cups, you might try this route.

You should also note that many Samsung printers support PostScript. Chances are that it will work with CUPS generic postscript printer, especially if it is only black & white and only printer, without a scanner added to it. Generic driver may be missing functionality or limited, for example in their support for duplex, color control, and resolution settings, and print quality may be lower.

Since I upgraded my system software to the Lion software, my Dell 3130cn color laser printer won't print. I had tried using the Generic print driver and that worked for about a week. Now that own't work anymore.

Click the down arrow button (V in a circle) in front of the "Printer (2)", the printer's drivers will appear, click on the "Download File" button to the Dell Driver listed with the Dell3130cn_Installer.dmg (4MB) with the release date of 9/8/2011, A01, A01 SW - Drv (Mac).

Good Luck on getting an updated driver by Christmas! Though you may be better being a good little child and ask Santa for a new printer. (One other than one of Dell's! I know my next one will NOT be a Dell printer.)

I can fully feel your frustration with Dell. I pounded them daily with emails till I finally got that updated driver to be released. I agree with you too that their 3130cn printer is a really good printer, but this instance of having to fight to get a driver, definitely has left a bad taste in my mouth to ever buy another Dell printer, or product.

I couldn't get the link above to work, but I eventually found the one below. It was NOT easy. I ended up looking at a list of Dell's printer driver updates and sorted them chronogical order. I found this one posted in Sept. 2011. It is not shown when you just search for a Mac driver for the 3130cn!

Follow the mentioned steps and connect the dell printer with Mac. If in case you still face any problem we are there to help you out with Tech Support Expert. Our experienced team of professionals and experts will help you with more information regarding the dell printer and Mac. We are there for letting you know the additional information, troubleshooting articles, and videos for resolving technical issues.


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