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Buy Coffee Machine Online

Think there are no sustainable coffee systems? CoffeeB has invented them! Our capsule machines work perfectly without capsules. CoffeeB coffee machines are specially designed to use coffee balls. A patented brewing system extracts the best out of the coffee balls.

buy coffee machine online

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Not only is the coffee for CoffeeB coffee machines sustainable. So too is the coffee system itself. Thanks to its modular design, the CoffeeB Globe coffee machine can be repaired at our service centres. The individual components, such as the brewing unit, electronics, pump, heater and valve, can all be replaced easily.

Fresh from the Roaster - our latest coffee offerings! Counter Culture Coffee - Burundi Mpemba Natural Sundried $23 New Ruby Colorful Coffees - Colombia Aguacate $20.75 New Methodical Coffee - Costa Rica La Pastora $18 NewOUT OF STOCK Forecast Coffee Company - Cloudberry $17 Rating:92% of 100(30)Dogwood Coffee - Bear Hug Espresso $18

Nespresso strives to provide the ultimate experience to coffee lovers all over theworld. We base this ambition on fundamental pillars: superior quality coffee, intuitive andeasy-to-use machines, exclusive accessories and personalized services for our customers.This particular strategy relies largely on our ability to serve our markets via localoperations.

Quality product, great packaging, excellent serviceI just received my order! And sooner than expected! This hand grinder is beautifully packaged. I love it! Sure to put it out at dinner parties as a pepper grinder as well and wow my guests! Nothing beats a grind on demand grinder but as far as hand grinders go this is the benchmark! I see it is made in Germany so I am sure I will have many many happy grinds! Thank you onlinecoffeeshop for my little gem!

We offer 30 Day Easy Returns. Don't need your product? We'll take it back if it is in original and re-saleable condition. Email to let us know. Find our full Returns policy here.

We love to offer you the best prices online. If you find the same product online at a lower total cost (including shipping and taxes) than our total cost, we'll match or beat that price.

Espresso Outlet, LLC is one of the top dealers of coffee & espresso equipment (espresso machines, grinders, coffee brewers) in the United States. We supply home prosumers, offices, coffee shops and many other coffee related businesses with the finest brands from the best manufacturers in the coffee industry, including Slayer (made in the USA), Nuova Simonelli(made in Italy), Rocket(made in Italy), Quick Mill (another Italian brand), Mahlkonig (made in Germany) and many more. These brands have great reputations and are made with the highest quality materials available. The home espresso machine line up we have for sale includes machines of all types, including mechanical or spring lever machines, single boiler (SBDU) machines, heat exchanger machines and double boilers. With some you have the option to use a water tank and with others you can direct connect to a waterline and never fill a water tank again. We have espresso machines without built in grinders and others with built in grinders. We have machines with hot water taps for tea, hot chocolate, and Americanos. If you are someone that likes lattes and cappuccinos, we have a large number of machines that have steam wands or frothers. The machines we retail range from the affordable budget friendly beginner machine to the high end professional grade machine for the ultimate home espresso aficionado.

We are a family owned business and the business was founded by the Kolb family, who love coffee as much as you do. If you purchase from one of other espresso equipment distributors and talk to a sales person, chances are you will be talking to someone that was just hired to do sales. When you talk to us you are talking to someone who is passionate about making the best coffee drinks possible. If you buy from the big corporations, such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, or JCPenny you can be guaranteed that you won't have an espresso machine expert helping you through the purchase process, or provide installation instructions, or provide knowledge on how your equipment works and how to use it, or how do needed maintenance, or if you have a warranty issue it can be a challenge to find support. If you purchase from Ebay or a similar site, there is a strong likelihood that the retailer is not an authorized distributor like Espresso Outlet is. We also price match and provide package deals to get you the best price possible. You don't have to wait for Black Friday to get a deal!

We have a complete range of home espresso machines with features that will meet your specific needs. We have categories set up to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Here are some of the categories.

Semi-automatic machines are easier to to use and take less preparation time when compared to lever machines. This is because they have a pump that applies pressure for extraction. With a semi-automatic machine, the user activates the brew cycle, lets the shot brew, and then manually stops the brew cycle to end the shot pull. With a volumetric (or automatic) espresso machine, the user manually starts the brew cycle, but the espresso machine automatically stops when a predefined amount of liquid has been dispensed for the shot. A lot of prosumer home machine users like semi-automatic machines because they give the user more control of the shot quality. Home users that get volumetric machines prefer the ease of letting the machine control the shot volume and the consistency that it provides.

Last, but not least, are all in one super automatic espresso machines, which do everything. They have built in grinders that will grind coffee for a shot, which is automatically put into a chamber, then tamped with the right pressure. The machine then pulls the shot and automatically stops itself based on a preprogrammed setting. Most super automatic machines can also automatically steam milk. Making a latte becomes as easy as pushing a button. The drawback of super automatics is that the human element is taken out and because of this the drink quality can be less and, in some cases, significantly less than the quality of drinks made with the other machine types and an experienced home barista. We specialize in prosumer machines and only have one home level super automatic espresso machine option at this time, the Quick Mill Monza.

We have a detailed comparison between the boiler types and which would be best for your needs, but this is one of the most important factors in making your decision on your choice of your home espresso machine. We recommend watching the comparison video, but as a general rule if you do primarily espresso and rarely milk based drinks a single boiler machine will work fine for you and keep your costs lower. If you do primarily milk based drinks a heat exchange espresso machine will be a good option. If you do a combination of milk based drinks and plain espresso and want the best temperature control possible for both brewing and steaming, then a double boiler espresso machine is your best option. A double boiler is also the best option if you change your beans often, use a lot of single source and roast your own coffee. You can brew and steam at the same time with both heat exchangers and double boilers. With single boiler espresso machines you have to wait between brewing and steaming.

A good way of narrowing down the numerous espresso machine options is by deciding whether you want a machine with a water tank or with direct water line connect or both. Some machines are switchable so if you want a machine with a water tank, but plan to have the option to direct connect in the future, these types of machines would be a good choice for you. Water tank only machines tend to be lowest cost than direct connect machines because they cost less to make. For direct connection, more robust components are needed to handle the constant water line pressure, including rotary vane or magnetic gear pumps. Most water tank only espresso machines use vibratory pumps which cost a lot less to produce.

Another type of less common espresso machine pump type is the magnetic gear pump. This type of pump is similar to the rotary vane pump, but is designed for machines that have pressure profiling. The pumps are computer controlled and can be programmed to run at certain levels of pressure and ramp up or down during a single shot extraction. This allows bell shaped pressure curves that yield a fuller, more balanced flavor during extraction.

Some machines have PID temperature controllers that allow you to adjust espresso machine boiler temperatures and in some cases espresso machine group head temperatures. Extraction temperatures are the most important aspect of an espresso machine that has an impact of flavor. Every individual coffee bean has a different ideal extraction temperature. Some beans extract best at lower temperatures, others extract best at higher temperatures. The ability to adjust temperature will allow you to fine tune the temperature to the ideal extraction temperature for your coffee bean of choice. It is especially nice to have a PID temperature adjustor if you change your beans often and drink a lot of plain espresso. Due to the way machines are designed, you will get the most benefit of a PID controller on a single boiler or double boiler espresso machine. On a heat exchanger, the PID adjusts the temperature of the steam boiler, but because of how a heat exchanger is designed you cannot independently and precisely control brew temperature.

Some espresso machines have electronically heated group heads, others have thermosiphon heated E61 brew groups, others have saturated brew groups and others have a manufacturer proprietary design. As the stability and control of the brew group temperature increases, the quality of the flavor increases, as does the price of the machine. Machines at the highest price level have incredibly precise and stable temperature prior to and during extraction. 041b061a72


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